Hello, My name is Bob Wolters. I am an independent graphic design professional and illustrator born in the Netherlands but living in London, UK. I’d like to bring the art of designing something beautiful back. The real effort to create something special and unique, just like how they used to do it back in the days. I am moved and inspired by the vintage type of art. I love to travel and always get very inspired on my journey’s. Also, I’m a Rock ‘n Rolla and vintage lover. In 2011 I graduated as a Graphic Designer in the Netherlands. In 2017 I graduated with the title ”Bachelor Of Arts”. I have been working for several companies around the world. Always expanding and exploring different aspects of design. This way, I’ve been able to broaden my skills in Design. And still looking for challenges to keep doing that. From graphic design to motion graphics/video and from Children’s illustrations to conceptual identities, please contact me and let’s have a meetup! 

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